Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Headline:  "I've never had this much money in this game" or "Amanda Sharpe, anime folk hero!"

Ancient One
Atlach-Nacha - looks the most like Trump!

Patrice Hathaway, the Violinist - Suz (In honor of Rachelle, who is too sick to play :(  )
Amanda Sharpe "The Co-ed", the Student - Rob
Joe Diamond, the Private Investigator ("And in this one, he's a little crooked") - Justin

End of Game
We beat the AO!  It took a very long time for him to awaken.  We only attacked twice, and he attacked us only once, taking an Ally.

House Rules/Game Setup
New setup on the table!  I'll try to post a picture.

AO specifically chosen because he looks like Trump.
Herald, Guardian, and Institution all chosen to suit the President-Elect.

We chose any investigator we wanted, out of all investigators.  
We think we'll end up fighting him, since sealing gates will be too difficult.  Justin holds out hope that we can close all of the gates.

Expansions in play
Curse of the Dark Pharaoh
Dunwich Horror
The King in Yellow
Kingsport Horror
The Black Goat of the Woods
Innsmouth Horror
The Lurker at the Threshold

Heralds, Guardians, and Institutions
Chosen to align most closely with the impending Trump administration:

Herald:  Father Dagon (fishy, untrustworthy, and has "plans in motion" - "the Putin of the spirit world," according to Justin)
Institution:  Organized Crime (duh)
Guardian:  Hypnos (is this all a bad dream?)

  *  Roll to see who'd go first:  1-Rob, 2-Suz, 3-Justin
  *  Patrice and Amanda go shopping at the Curiositie Shoppe because their personal stories both require them to draw Unique Items (Patrice - 2, Amanda - 3)
  *  We are all doing very well with money (thank you, Organized Crime)
  *  Patrice ends the game with 27 clue tokens.  She gives them all to Amanda, who grapples the AO and empties her shotgun into it.
  *  We were in Other Worlds at the same time often, even benefiting from not being in Arkham for a negative Mythos effect.
  *  A rumor came and went, thanks to our Egyptian artifacts.
  *  MANY (3-4?) Mythos cards came out that only caused monster surges and no gates/doom tokens being added.

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