Monday, July 11, 2011

Friday and Saturday, July 8-9, 2011

Headline: "Eihort Sealing Gates ♥"

Ancient One

Zoey Samaras, the Chef - Susan
Marie Lambeau, the Entertainer, then Lola Hayes, the Actress - Rob
Patrice Hathaway, the Violinist - Rachelle
Finn Edwards, the Bootlegger - Justin
Wilson Richards, the Handyman - Robbilee

End of Game
We closed and sealed 6 gates. We had one or two spots left on the doom track. Patrice's generous clues were again very helpful, and Lola's "Find Gate" spell sped things up.

House Rules/Game Setup
Robbi narrowed the choice of Ancient Ones, and Rachelle made the final choice of Eihort. Justin laid out 8-10 investigators from which we each chose our characters. No Herald, no Guardian, no King in Yellow. We all got very tired, having started the game late Friday (9ish), and we put the game on hold at about 1am. Luie and Greta left it alone, so we finished Saturday night.

Expansions in play
Curse of the Dark Pharaoh
Dunwich Horror
The King in Yellow (we use the new cards from this, but we never have actually had the 'play' enter play)
Kingsport Horror - although there were no Heralds/Guardians
The Black Goat of the Woods
Innsmouth Horror

* On the first turn, Rob was the first player. He summoned a Shan and got devoured. Poor Marie!
* On Rob's second turn, he jumped into a gate, looking forward to using "Find Gate" and beating Susan's character back to Arkham to get Blessed due to a Mythos card. However, he got lost in time & space, due to an other world encounter.
* Finn's ability to move when a moon monster moves was pretty cool.
* Lola became deputy. :)
* Justin's character again quells the rifts by spending quality time in Kingsport.
* Patrice had many admirers: Eric Colt, Anna Kaslow, etc.
* Just as she was about to get out of jail, Patrice got lost in time & space. That was a busy spot on the board this game.
* Patrice also got banned from Miskatonic U, just like when Robbi played Patrice in our last game.
* A lot of people got injuries and madnesses: Finn suffered hearing loss, Zoey had double vision (put the knife down!!), Patrice was delirious (too much practicing?), and Wilson had necrophobia.

Friday, June 10, 2011

since i was so tired that i fell asleep while playing this game, i don't remember what happened.

Rob says we fought the AO and won. go us!